Subcompany Of SEMS Enterprise

About SEMS Science and Technology

  SEMS Science and Technology is a retail company with emotion. As footwear integration platform builder, the company takes its own channel brand “SEMS Science and Technology” as carrier and focuses on the core with good products and service. The company transmits the concept “care, health, sharing, growth” and fulfill the corporate mission “make life better” through the construction of home-based and one-stop interactive consumption platform online and offline.

    There is a wide variety of categories and styles in SEMS Science and Technology. The products are of both healthy, comfortable and fashionable, covering pregnant, infant, business, leisure, love shoes and so on with broad consumption from the young to the middle and older age. Its stores extend all over cities and provinces. SEMS Science and Technology sets high quality products and warm heart service as the carrier to transfer its unique “love and care” culture to consumers and the emotional awareness “Love yourself, love the people around you” through practical action.

     SEMS Science and Technology is not only a brand but also a kind of attitude and idea of life. Love begins from the heart while the life is adjusted by actions. It advocates positive, upward, beautiful, healthy as well as delicate and slow life. SEMS Science and Technology takes science and technology as support, fashion design as base, comfort and health as guide and caring and sharing as the basic point in the multi-level, all-round modern life to give every consumer all aspects of shopping experience from a different point of view.

Opening a warm store and waiting for you. SEMS always remember its original intentions and caring.