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About Union Win Import&Export

  Based on the present, walk the world

 Fujian Putian Union Win Import&Export CO.,LTD. founded in 2001, is a diversified company that set researching, processing and sale as a whole. It owns more than 10 cooperative companies, 20 standard lines, and high-quality, specialized and modern management team.Poised to take off with team cooperation

 Fujian Putian Union Win Import&Export CO.,LTD. implements strategic development and management of human resource and adhere to the outlook on talents’ Team bases on talents, talent with the quality for this’. The company enriches the enterprise team with absorbing talents through multiple channels. So far, it has some specialized teams like development, documentary, technology research and development, quality supervision, document service and so on. It is own independent product design, development, technology and perfect system of production and sales operations like first-class production facilities, quality inspection, logistics distribution and after-sale tracking service and so on.

       The perfect quality

    To meet the needs of different sports and leisure state, products in Fujian Putian Union Win Import&Export CO.,LTD. are professional in different series like mountaineering, UGG boots, hiking, urban leisure and home leisure shoes and so on.

      Pro UGG boots:

  Specially designed for snowing walking and climbing. With TPR shell and waterproof cotton as its upper and heat preservation cotton as its inner so as to effectively prevent from being frozen and keep warm.

      Pro mountaineering shoes: 

      The design purpose of this series is to adapt to the wight-bearing and long distance walking in low mountain, valley, desert, gobi, and other complex terrain. Cow’s layer and split leather , mix leather, mesh cloth and professional waterproof socks--Event and other brands are applied to enhance the effect of waterproof and moisture permeable so as to walk in the water surface and rain.

       Hiking shoes: 

   It is suitable for some gentle mountains, jungle, general hiking or camping. Wearing-resisting rubber is adopted in sole while microcellular foaming and double high density rubbers are applied in the outsole to make it comfortable and ventilate. It is interlayerd by sole plastic powder to make good effect on impact resistance, anti-slip and shock absorption.

   Urban leisure and home leisure shoes:Comfortable, fashion, healthy, and personality. They satisfy the majority of urban sports enthusiasts’ concerning about practicability and taste.

      Win-win cooperation at home and abroad

  Fujian Putian Union Win Import&Export CO.,LTD. company always take the customer ad the center, the products ad the pillar and focus on marketing networking construction. It maintains a stable relationship with its cooperation manufacture such as international famous brand CK, American JACK Woffskin, lan d’s End and England professional outdoor brand KANIMOR and so on.Products enjoy high reputation not only in China but also exported to Europe,the United States, other countries and regions. It provides excellent products for millions of people around the world.